‘Share the magic’ kids are starting school!

As many of you know, we have started a small network called ”Share the Magic.” This is to focus our efforts finding housing for a few families. Now all 10 kids from our current families will now start in a Greek school and daycare. This is fantastic news and with thanks to Maria who has pulled strings in her fantastic network in order to be able to get them places in school. The kids have (today) received the vaccination they need for them to be accepted in school. Each syringe costs 100 euros, and we have a total of 14 children to vaccinate, together with the new family’s children who are soon moving in. Sally, a wonderful American volunteer, got the full amount donated by one of her friends back home in California. Amazing!


Last Saturday we celebrated with the entire ‘Share the Magic’ gang, with a picnic and birthday party for Maria and Dirks 2-Year-old son Arrionas. What a beautiful day we had all together, with so much joy and laughter. It really did feel like magic to see these happy kids running around. There are many of us who have played a small part in giving them a chance to get a reasonably normal life during their escape from the war in Syria. It is impossible to mention everyone- you know who you are. Thank you again all of you who have made this possible, through volunteering in person or collecting and donating money. Thanks to you these kids are laughing again. Some people have asked if they can support the families in any way. If you want to support the new families, you are of course more than welcome. Or I can also recommend a wonderful project which my friend Jonny has started in one of the camps – It’s an art project that will be run every afternoon in the camp’s little school tent. The kids get a chance to create, paint, and be creative for a moment every afternoon. It’s gives them a highlight every day and it warms your heart to see how successful this art class is. Otherwise, there is a plethora fantastic greater voluntary organisations who are all doing a wonderful job. Lighthouse Relief is one of them and I very much recommend them.

To help Share the Magic in Sweden, send a donation via Swish: 0736800444


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