Kids art class at Kalachori camp

I visited Jonny who is helping at one of the new camps – a daily art class for kids at the Kalachori camp.

Their drawings show their experiences. A young mother I spoke to drew her journey over the mountains in Syria, and how they came to the border of Turkey. You can see the barbed wire, and the security guard in the tower with his gun pointed at them. She was happy to show them to me and explain the journey that was behind her.

Another drawing showed the boat ride over to Greece from Turkey. Some people fell in the water. Two of them didn’t make it. You can see that the kids are sitting in the middle of the boat while the adults are sitting around on the edges, trying to protect them. On the beach there arfe volunteers waiting for the boat.

Another child drew the camp in Idomeni where he lived with his family lived for the first four months in Greece. Despite all their tough experiences the kids were really happy top paint and draw together and talk about everything that had happened.


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