Notes from an airport


”We are not terrorists” Graffiti left at the old camp at Idomeni that has now been cleared of almost any traces of the 20,000 refugees that were there.


Now I’m sitting at Munich airport on the way to Northern Greece for a short four-day volunteering trip. Among other things, I am going to see the family Abdi and give an kiss from all of you who have helped to little baby Joanna, which I am looking forward to immensely.

I am also going to drive out west to see my dear 17-year-old pen pal, Faten, who is stuck in one of the the refugee camps. It’s going to be great and probably very emotional to see her again. We’ve been chatting with each other almost every day now for the last six months. It feels like we know each other well, despite the fact that we have only met face to face once in the port of Athens, when I arrived from Lesbos with the night ferry.
My friend Jonny is already in Greece to volunteer for a a longer period of time, and we will follow up on some other projects that our little group ‘Share the magic’ is working with right now. Jonny went back to Idomeni last night. It feels scary to see how empty the place is and that almost all traces of the camp are gone.  There were more than 20 000 desperate people camping there on the muddy fields and between the train tracks. They have all been moved onto other camps now.
As usual, I will write about my experiences here in the group of you who are interested to come with me 🙂

Now I’m going to boarding my plane



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