Going back to Idomeni

Hello again everyone!

On Thursday 11th May I will go to Greece with my partner Tomas for a short stay to visit family Abdi and their little baby Joanna.

Those of you who followed my previous volunteer trips in Greece may remember the family that was close to seeing the birth to their fourth child in camp at Idomeni; the camp by the border of Macedonia.

We were able to move them to an apartment so the baby could come into the world in peace and quiet. It was lucky for them that they were out of the camp, because it Mrs Abdi had to have an emergency caesarean section. Had they been left in the camp there would have been no help available.

We all thought that the situation in Greece would resolve itself after a few months, but it now turns out to be a long drawn-out game of waiting, and many speculate that it may take over a year for any change to happen.

We are trying to see what we can do to help the family and their four children avoid having to move back to hellish misery of the camp again. The money we raised to help them with food and bills is running out. The reason for this is that they can no longer queue for food in the camp distributed by volunteer organisations. The family ran out of their own money when they paid smugglers to get them across to Greece.

Would you like to help the family with a small contribution? I can promise that the money will be well managed. Please mark your donation “Family Help” We are also helping two other families who are in similar situations. If you would you rather make a contribution for the Baby Formula Milk that we will buy and take to the camp, you can mark your donation “Baby milk.”

Any contribution, big or small, makes a big difference for us to be able to help some of those poor people stuck in Greece, for a very long time to come.

Together we make a difference!

If you are in Sweden please Swish: 0736-800444

If you are outside Sweden please see:

Donate in Euro here



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