Happy news!

On Monday the 28th the Abdi family welcomed a new, beautiful little girl into the world. Nalin had planned to give birth at home, but she got such sharp pain that she was rushed to hospital by kind volunteers and the wonderful Maria who drove her there. Everything went well and two hours later the little girl was born.

It feels great to see how so many volunteers have been involved in ensuring that the family has a safe home and did not have to give birth to their daughter in the camp at Idomeni.

Now they can take care of each other in peace and quiet. Mohammed and Nalin send their gratitude to all of you.


The news that I feel extremely honoured about – the little girl’s name is Joanna. I can’t describe how touched I was when Mohammed told me that. I now hope and pray that little Joanna will have as many opportunities in life as I have had! 🙂




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