It feels great to get to write this post with such joy and pride.

Through your words of support, that gave us so much strength, and through your generous donations, we have been able to help a lot more people. It is all of you who have made this possible, and I wish I could thank each and every one of you personally. I want you to know that your help is immensely appreciated in every possible way.

So far, over 250 of you have together donated 132,600 SEK, all of which has gone to help the refugees in Lesbos and in Idomeni in full. A thousand thanks to you all!

This week we have also gathered a further 11,750 SEK specifically for the Abdi family who will soon give birth to their fourth child. They can’t believe how much goodness exists and are quite overwhelmed with your generosity. I will write more about them once the baby is born so that you can continue to follow their story. (See the post below.) I just want to say, that they cannot thank you enough for helping them in this way. It’s an indescribable joy and relief that you have given them. Now, they will be able to stay in the apartment for the foreseeable future, until we hear more about the EU’s political decisions, and know what they can do next.

From hereon I want to try and sum up the most important and greatest efforts we have done with the money that you have sent:-

– We have donated tools to the volunteer organisation Lighthouse Relief, enabling them to set up a special Lighthouse relief camp in the official refugee ‘hotspot’ camp at Moria, Lesbos, run by the Greek military. This has made a more humane place for some of the refugees there. Now Lighthouse Relief are doing the same thing in Idomeni. The tools are a very important part of being able to set up a camp. It feels very good to have been part of enabling this.

– Among other things, we have been able to distribute 250 sleeping bags, 60 tents, 8+ pairs of shoes, 250 sleeping mats, 50 backpacks, 20 camping stoves, footballs, toys and a lot more. Lighthouse Relief are helping to distribute all this at Idomeni this week.

– Yesterday Jonny, together with the Lighthouse Relief, Lisa, Mel and a bunch of Greek volunteers, shared out 2000 family packs to families with small children in the camp in Idomeni. 1000 of these packs were paid for with your donations. That is huge. Each bag contains two packages of baby powder, a baby bottle, fruit, baby food, soap, diapers and baby wipes. The voluntary organisation ‘Color, open kitchen’ will help to supply clean. distilled water for the bottles. I think you can see in the pictures how joyful it was to be able to distribute all of this.

– In addition to these family packs, Jonny and I were also able to purchase an additional 1000 packs of ready made baby milk and equal many packages of diapers. With the help of a few refugees from the camp these were distributed out at the beginning of the week directly to families in the tents, so that they wouldn’t have to stand in line, and this was very much appreciated.

– We have helped the Abdi family find shelter so they do not have to give birth in Idomeni. Maria and Antonia found it for us. It belongs to the Vaggeli family, who is so generously letting the family stay there free of charge. Many other volunteers have been involved in the process, such as Mel and Lisa. The family is expecting the baby any day now, and have proper shelter and food for the foreseeable future. It’s only one family out of many, but for them this has been life-changing. If you would like to contribute towards buying food for this family, please label your Swish donation ‘Abdi family’. They cannot get food donations from the camp anymore, as we have moved them to a safe apartment.

We have been able to achieve all this and more, thanks to you! Once again we’ve shown how strong we can be together. It is something we should all be very, very proud of.

It feels great to be able to help a few people out of all of these tens of thousands of vulnerable people. At the same time we must remind ourselves that the situation is now worse than it has been in the last three or four years. The need for help is still enormous.

We have therefore decided to continue to concentrate on the distribution of baby milk, diapers and baby food, as there is a blatant lack of this in the camp. If you want to continue to donate money for just this, we will see to it that in the full amount goes to supplies for the families in the camp. Lighthouse Relief will help us with this.

Please ask around as even the smallest donations can buy a lot of milk.
No amount is too small!
Please swish me on 0736-800 444

Thank you again from me, Jonny, the Abdi family, and all the others who have asked us to convey their thanks for your help. We haven’t been able to name them all, but there are many of them…


75567_10153744830992771_8927463335476011810_nJonny handing out packages






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